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The visit begins with a tour of Moshav Nir Galim, which was founded by Holocaust survivors. During the moshav tour, visitors hear stories about the revival of Holocaust survivors in Israel.

Then visitors enter The House of Testimony to tour the museum`s exhibits. The museum displays original items from the Holocaust alongside art created by survivors.

One of the most impressive parts of the tour is The Glass House Exhibition. This innovative interactive exhibit tells the almost unknown story of the bissest rescue operation during the Holocaust.

The visit ends in the exhibition "From Holocaust to Revival".

There is a possibility to have tour participants meet with a Holocaust survivor.

The Glass House Exhibition

glass houseIn 2014 we established a very Innovative, unique and fascinating exhibition, which tells the rescue story of many of the Budapest Jews – "The Glass House" exhibition.

The Glass House is a building in Budapest, which was the center of a large rescue operation which took place towards the end of World War II. The operation was possible thanks to extraordinary coordination between foreign diplomats, primary Carl Lutz, the Jewish leader Moshe Kraus and the Zionist youth movements. The "Glass House" exhibition brings up dialogue within the group regarding the roll of the individual and his ability to make a change.

Surprisingly, the story of the Glass House is quite unknown. It stands in remarkable contradiction to the fact that this is one of biggest rescue operations during the Holocaust. For us in "The Testimony House" it is a unique mission to expose this inspiring story to the public and bring it to awareness.

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Sunday-Thursday: 8:30am - 4pm, with advance reservation
The museum is closed on Shabbat and holidays.


Ticket price is 30 ILS per person
Group discounts are available

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The Testimony House, established by the association of Bnei Akiva veterans at the early 1990s, aims to amplify and deepen educational activity related to Holocaust remembrance. Through its museum, archive, educational center and diverse activities, The Testimony House offers a unique, enlightening and even uplifting way to learn about the Holocaust and the post-Holocaust revival.